Thursday, June 23, 2011

Insulation Begins

This past weekend we began the itchy task of insulation. Especially not fun on a hot humid day! Amy did the work on the insulation while Richard addressed other tasks.

Fireplace "chimney" framed up

Finally we also had to "fix" our king studs. They are 6 columns of 3 2x6's found on the tall west wall that go from the sill all the way up to the top that help stabilize the building during winds. The framers had mistakenly cut into them putting in the window headers. So I had to add 1 or 2 on each column.

Finally after some intense storms on Monday evening we noticed evidence of a lightening strike.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Odds n' Ends

The past couple of weeks we have been finishing up items on our inspection list to ready for a re-inspection. Items like:

Some corrections to the basement HVAC soffit - Originally had 2x2's, but those apparently aren't code so we had to change out with 2x4's & 2 x 6's

Amy has been fire caulking all vertical penetrations (fire caulk is in red in pic):

Adding bracing for ADA grab bars in bathrooms:

venting the bathroom exhaust fans:

And the big one - having the stairs re-built as the framer had built them with too big of a rise:

Plus we finally finished the vestibule roof and attaching the deck ledger board to the building:

Finally last weekend we burned 6 piles of cut cedar trees:

The good news is we got re-inspected and although we have a couple of items to correct we can move along to insulating now!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long Weekend = A Lot of Work Done

With the three day Memorial Day Weekend we were able to get plenty of work done on the winery. We were able to finish up the fire blocking, fire caulking,  re working the HVAC soffit in the basement (I didn't know 2x2's were a no no)  and a few other inspection related items. Plus we finally got the building secure by adding a temporary front door.

We also worked on the shingling the south side of the vestibule roof (until the high winds forced us away from that endeavor). But at least it got all papered in and water tight!

Finally we readied our selves for the arrival of the fireplace. A platform was built for the unit to sit on. It will be an LP gas unit.