Friday, January 4, 2013

Filtering the Traminette

We ran thru our first filtering of the 2012 Traminette. This process removes matter that is suspended in the wine like yeast cells, tartrates, proteins, and pectins and helps clear it up.  This is the first round of filtering and you can see from the very bottom picture how clear it really does make the wine (that is taken looking down into the tank).You can see our filter which contains 37 filter pads made from cellulose fibers which trap the particles. We'll do another round of filtering just before bottling which will be a sterile filtering done with a finer celled filter pad that will trap all remaining yeast and particles.

We plan on bottling the Traminette in late January or early February.  It is turning out to be a beautiful semi dry white, which will be a nice addition and compliment to our current wines. If all goes well  it should be in the Tasting Room by early Spring 2013.