Monday, October 13, 2014

Harvest Comes To An End!

Harvest 2014 is finally over! Today we pressed the final grapes - St. Vincent. Which will be used as part of our Rocky's Red. This year was quite the challenging harvest. Mother Nature had reeked havoc on ours and our growers vineyards so we had to look long and far for grapes to make our award winning wine.

The details on the harvest include:

24 tons of grapes
18 press runs
8 trips to pick up grapes (normally the grapes come to us!)
2,725 miles of travel/transport
3,832 gallons of wine made
19,160 bottles to fill
and way too many hours to think about!

All the traveling made it an extra long harvest. Long days picking up grapes and then arriving back at the winery and having to process them. But well worth it as the wines are looking awesome. We have several new wines in the works plus we still have an amazing dry red still in the barrels from 2013. That should be out around the holidays.

Richard with the final press run of 2014 - St. Vincent.