Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rocky's Red 2012

We're putting on the finishing touches on our 2012 Rocky's Red. We've completed our second round of filtering and now are prepping for bottling. The final steps include adjusting the so2 level to insure proper amounts post bottling, a sugar addition, and getting the temp up to a comfortable bottling temp of 60 to 64 degrees.

Our new labels for the Rocky's Red are complete (see below) and we got a bit of good news a couple of weeks ago as Rocky earned third place Midwest Wine Press's ( Midwest Winery Dog of the Year competition!  A fitting tribute to a great dog that is dearly missed.

We should be bottling in the next 2 weeks if we can arrange the time and a crew. That would put Rocky's Red upstairs and ready for tasting by mid March.

On a side note Rocky's understudy Apollo greeted his first customers today and proceeded to sneak into the winery behind them. We'll have to work on his greeting skills a bit!