Friday, December 13, 2013


With several wines selling out in the tasting room we are working hard to get the 2013 vintage to bottle! If you have ever wondered how wines get so crystal clear here is part of the answer. In one of the last steps before bottling we have been filtering our 2013 Linoma Lighthouse and a new wine - Midnight Gold. In the pictures below you will see our plate filter and  some before and after shots. Along with making the wine more clear and radiant, filtering takes out any potential remaining yeast to help avoid re-fermenting of the wine in  the bottle, plus it takes out any fruit debris still in the wine.

If all goes well the, much anticipated, Linoma Lighthouse should be out in January along with 2013 Treno.  Midnight Gold a dessert wine should be ready in early 2014 as well.

Happy Holidays!

The Wine Awaiting Inital Filtering
The Filter

Midnight Gold BEFORE 1st Filtering

Midnight Gold AFTER 1st Filtering - Note the "fog" is from dry ice

Midnight Gold AFTER FINAL Filtering - You can see how its name was derived!