Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Our 2013 wines are heading near completion. In fact we have already bottled two our customers favorites: Treno and Linoma Lighthouse. Right now bottling is a labor intensive task as the following video illustrates. Enjoy!

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  1. August 27, 2016 On an amazing fall evening I drove to your winery with anticipation. I walked into the building with excitement. I placed a single rose on the bar. When I was greeted the woman asked me if I was there for a date. By now most of the patrons were looking at me. The staff made me feel at home. the setting was perfect. The building and winery were perfect. When my date walked in through the beautiful double doors, she was breathtaking. We chose Rocky's Red. (thank God for labs). It is wonderful!. Perfect in fact for the entire setting. After 3 hours and the last to leave we went to pay our tab. In amazement some patron had paid for our wine! Don't know it was the rose or her beautiful smile. It think both. I want to express my profound appreciation to the person or person's. To your wine and to your winery I do believe you have captured a couple of hearts.