Sunday, December 12, 2010

Basement floor is in

This past week we scrambled to beat the incoming winter weather. The plumber put in all the below grade plumbing. Including the trench drains for the cellar. As the plumbers were finishing up their work the guys that were putting in the basement floor were busy at work getting the dirt prepped to pour the concrete. Fortunately we had 2 really nice days last Thursday and Friday with temps in the 50's. They got the rock base down late on Thursday and we rented a ground heater to heat the soil and covered that with insulating blankets. With the ground already frozen to about 6" they were worried about pouring a slab on already frozen ground, so that is where the heater came in. Friday morning the floor was poured so when I got back from work late Friday we had a basement floor! They came on Saturday morning to cut the joints and cover it up with insulating blankets to keep it warm as we had highs in the low teens on Sat and Sunday and lows below zero - ahh a wonderful Nebraska winter day!
This week will be a bit slow as my framer can only get in next Monday, but I will be busy behind the scenes making sure the steel beams, roof trusses, lumber and windows get scheduled.

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