Monday, December 27, 2010

After a break the Construction Continues

Well it has been nearly 2 weeks since something noticeable was accomplished. Actually in that time period a lot of materials have been brought on sight including the steel support beams, floor joists, roof trusses and more. Unfortunately while trying to install the steel beams last week the framers noticed some problems with the beam pockets and anchor bolts the concrete folks put in. One set of beam pockets wasn't made deep enough for the steel beam - a 14" tall beam doesn't work well in a 12" tall pocket! As a result I had to have the concrete folks come back and cut the pocket deeper and order some steel shims to use for some other corrections. The fun life of the general contractor!

So today they were finally able to place the 2 steel beams and progress begins to crank up again. You will note the 2 beams - one spans the entire 60' length of the building and has 2 columns of support. The other "just" spans 25' and is beefy enough to need no columns. Amy was home and was able to get some action shots of the work.

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