Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Walls Go Up

A lot of construction action this past week. The floor sheathing was installed - so now we can actually walk on the main floor and envision our tasting room! By the end of the week the exterior walls were nearly complete and we got our first glimpse of the roof line.

While the framers were at work Karsten Ruff and crew from Ruff Excavating back filled the foundation and did moved some major dirt from the north side of the building to the west side. We now have a great flat area on the west side and can access our garage in the basement. The grading is better than we imagined.
Finally the septic system was partially installed on Friday. The State Dept of Environmental Quality is making us put in a holding tank that all of the basement trench drains will go to. This 2,000 gallon tank will get pumped out when it fills up.

So things are moving along. Hopefully the snow today and tomorrow wont set us back too far.

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