Sunday, January 2, 2011

Floor Joists & the first studs

This week saw the installation of the floor joists. They are double 2x12's that are necessary due to the load capacity requirements for a place of assembly. As you can see that makes for a LOT of wood. Also the front "king studs" were set in place as the week ended on Thursday due to the New Years Holiday. With these studs in place you can really see how tall the building will be. At first glance when I got home on Thursday I thought they had the wrong plans and were building a church!

Thursday night we had to scramble to get everything covered before the impending ice/snow storm anticipated for Friday. Fortunately we only got about an inch of snow which we spent the weekend shoveling out of the new basement. We will be glad when the building is covered in and we can stop shoveling snow out.

Things are getting exciting as every new day this week should bring a new "visual" of the winery as framing continues.

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