Thursday, May 26, 2011

Inspection fallout

Two weeks ago the inspector was in for our framing inspection. Since then we have been "correcting" items on our newly created punch list like:

Adding fire blocking (the horizontal pieces closing the stud gaps in pic) to the walls that are over 10' 

Adding fireblocking at drop ceiling locations

Adding fire caulking at all penetrations between floors, attic, etc.  (sorry no pic available)

Add joist hangers to all drop ceiling joists.

We have some other fun ones too we hope to finish up by the end of the upcoming 3 day weekend.

We have also had a chance to shingle half the vestibule roof and add our fire rated frames for the windows to the processing facility below.

Plus add in vineyard work and mowing!

The only one that has time for rest is Rocky!

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