Thursday, June 16, 2011

Odds n' Ends

The past couple of weeks we have been finishing up items on our inspection list to ready for a re-inspection. Items like:

Some corrections to the basement HVAC soffit - Originally had 2x2's, but those apparently aren't code so we had to change out with 2x4's & 2 x 6's

Amy has been fire caulking all vertical penetrations (fire caulk is in red in pic):

Adding bracing for ADA grab bars in bathrooms:

venting the bathroom exhaust fans:

And the big one - having the stairs re-built as the framer had built them with too big of a rise:

Plus we finally finished the vestibule roof and attaching the deck ledger board to the building:

Finally last weekend we burned 6 piles of cut cedar trees:

The good news is we got re-inspected and although we have a couple of items to correct we can move along to insulating now!

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