Sunday, September 5, 2010

The California Adventure Begins

Today I began my California Adventure by completing the first leg of a 2 day 24 hour drive. What is my California Adventure you ask?? After taking 4 distance learning enology courses from DMACC, I was fortunate enough to get a harvest postion in the Cellar at Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards in Windsor California (Sonoma Valley). It promises to be a 6 or so skills building experience of a lifetime.

Leaving at 7:50am my travels down I-80 took me thru Nebraska and into Wyoming where the wind was blowing almost as fast as the truck was driving. At about 7pm Mountain time I left Wyoming and entered Utah. It was quite a scenic drive to my first nights destination, Salt Lake City. The red rock, mountains, and streams were beautiful as I had never been this far on I-80 before. The drop to SLC was amazing. I got to my hotel at about 8:30. I tried to get a nice dinner, but many places were surprisingly closed at 9pm so Mickey D's it was, and now I will crash for the night. Tomorrow it is on to California!

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