Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dr!iving - Day 2

A beautiful 50 degree Salt Lake City morning got my second day under way. I took in the Mormon Temple site - what a gorgeous church - and was on my way. In western Utah - there was salt everywhere - it looked like it had snowed, what a site. In Nevada it became apparent that they are lucky casinos were invented as the 3 or 4 "major" towns I passed along I-80 were basically all casinos! An amazing site crossing the Utah border and in the barren land up rises a 5 story casino. The mountains in Nevada were amazing, but all in all it was pretty barren - actually, aside from Salt Lake City, between Laramie, WY and Reno there was virtually no population. Fortunately I hit civilization and hit a Cabela's in Reno! Crossing into California, I stopped to get a map and my first site was a man sitting on a bench dressed in white spandex with a "buffalo" hat complete ,with horns - Welcome to California! Then I was introduced to California traffic - hitting the end of Labor Day weekend meeting all the "outdoors types" leaving Lake Tahoe and causing a 2 hour traffic delay. It was bumper to bumper stop and go traffic for 120 miles. Fortunately I had my personal on-star team Dwayne and my lovely wife available via the cell to get to my base camp for my time here - my sisters beautiful Healdsburg condo. After a few wrong turns driving up from Sonoma I made it at 9:15. Now on Tuesday my "job" begins.

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