Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Cleaning!

We continue to ready for the arrival of grapes. I climbed into and cleaned more tanks and this afternoon moved some of the newly cleaned tanks into position in the "holding room". You can see the tanks aligned in the picture. I moved the tanks with the electric hand fork lift, we affectionately call "The General." When we get grapes in (we will only be making Pinot Noir - a red wine) we will initially sort and "destem" them (not pressed yet) and put into these tanks. The tanks have the capability to keep the grapes cool and they will sit in these tanks for 4 days undergoing what is known as a cold soak. They will then be inoculated with yeast and the fermentation will begin.

It looks like we will be getting the first 5 to 10 tons of grapes in on Thursday or Friday. Then the fun and long days will really begin!

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