Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Work Day 1 (Kind of)

Well today I made my first appearance at Sonoma Cutrer Vineyards (SCV). A short 15 minute drive from my base I showed up at 9am for some orientation -basically an overview of company policies, etc from the HR director. Then I got a tour of where I will be working. SCV does primarily Chardonnay (about 85 or 90% of their sales). The processing facility for the Chardonnay is in their modern beautiful winery. I will be working for the Pinot Noir winemaker. As I said I got a tour of that facility which is located in a different area of the estate grounds, in several "barns" While not as pristine, it was still really cool to see the place. It will be a lot more closer to the size of winery (although still producing quite a bit more in volume) that we will be doing. So it will be such a great learning experience.

I will be starting in earnest, bright and early at 7am tomorrow.

For the rest of the day I spent it grocery shopping and getting familiar with the area. It looks so beautiful in the daylight after coming in in the dark. Vineyards everywhere. What a sight!

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