Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The real work begins

Today I reported at 7am and began working in the Pinot Noir facility for the day. After a brief overview I was thrown into the fire. My first mission was to clean 190 barrels. So I was given a hose, a brush, and a bucket with special cleaner and waited for one of the full timers to get barrels out of the "barn" so I could begin. What fun! It was a great 7 hour workout. The picture shows the setup.

My final hour was spent learning to drive a forklift. I had never driven one, but was up for a challenge. I spend the hour learning to drive, steer, and move things. I loaded up macro bins and barrel racks and moved them. After a nervous beginning it became kind of fun. Now tomorrow I have to go thru official training and take a test to hopefully get my forklift certification. It's just like being 16 again and taking my drivers test!

My first day was a blast and I even got an hour of overtime on my first day! The boss is already talking about 10 hour days next week.

After I got home I took an amazing bike ride thru vineyards and passed probably 8 wineries. It was something from a movie. I could get used to this.

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